Earth Elemental Earwrap/Earcuff Set

This pair is a part of a larger series, where I have created a wrap/cuff for each of the four Cardinal Elements (Water, Fire, Earth and Air), and as mentioned, One-of-a-Kind - I can make them again in the same colors and a similar design, but I will never be able to (or want to!) reproduce any of them.

This set, the Earth set, was created as a representation of Earth, using browns, clay red, grey, and black to call to mind sand and clay, stone and soil.

Unlike traditional ear-jewelry, it requires no piercings or clips at all. The wrap is worn by simply setting it over the ear. The cuff is worn by sliding it down from the top of the ear and gently turning it so it will settle on the ear - it is not a pinch-type, and can be adjusted by GENTLY spreading or closing the cuff with the fingertips.

This set was made using all Silver-Plated materials. Due to the One of a Kind nature of this set, it can not be reproduced in Sterling Silver. However, I can create a similar design for either the cuff or the wrap (or both, should you want a set) using Earth as the focal Element.

Set - $60.00

The Earth Elemental Earwrap/Earcuff Set can be found on:
One-of-a-kind Elembental Earwrap/Earcuff Set - Earth