Emerald Elegance Chandeliers

These chandeliers were one of two test-designs for a longer dangle using mini silver beads to add a little more shine. They came out much better the second time, so this is the design I decided to use.

This pair was made with chandelier findings and ear hooks that came in a kit - just add your own beads. I added Emerald 4mm bicones and Sterling Silver crimp beads strung on Sterling Silver head pins with a simple eye.

Before I ship these earrings, I will use Silver Plated headpins that are wrapped for security, mini Silver Plated beads or silver colored beads, and hand-made jump rings. Sterling Silver may be substituted for everything but the chandelier finding itself.

These earrings are available in any of the colors I have, and many other colors. If I don't have the color you're looking for, I may be able to order just the right color for you. Just ask me about what colors I can order.

I have not yet found the chandelier findings shown in Sterling Silver, sadly, but if I do, I will make them available in both Sterling Silver and Silver Plate.

These earrings can be made with Sterling Silver ear-wires for those with allergy concerns, else they will come with hand-made Silver-Plated fish-hook ear-wires (which will look much nicer than the ones shown).

Other ear-attachments are available, see below for more information.

These earrings are currently not listed.

NOTE: Earring attachments:
Lever-backs are available only in Silver Plated (You may special order Sterling Silver lever-backs, but they are expensive. Ask for a quote on these before you purchase!!).

Fish-hooks are available in both materials, hand-made by me in several different styles, including plain loop fronts, decorative loop fronts, loops with crystal accents, long backs, short backs, circles, half-hearts, flat-fronts, and in different combinations according to what you may want! Just let me know what style you would like when you purchase.
PLEASE NOTE: If no style is requested, I will send the earrings with what I call "Decorative Loop, Short", which is the style shown in most of my photographs that feature hand-crafted fish-hook style ear-wires.

I also use posts on request:
Posts are available in both Sterling Silver and Silver-Plated, and in "mixed materials" (Sterling Silver Post, Silver Plated Ball, for example), and will be ordered specifically for your requested earrings. Posts will often be more expensive, and are available in limited size balls. I can also order 14k gold or gold-filled posts for those with allergies, which will be more expensive than the silver.

Ears not pierced?
No problem! I do keep Silver-Plated screw-back clip-ons in stock. (You may special order Sterling Silver clip-ons, but they are expensive. Ask for a quote on these before you purchase!!)

As always, just ask me to see what is available!