Golden Climber Vined Ear-Cuff

Vined Ear-Cuffs were born, at least for me, when I was experimenting with wire loops and cris-crossing while making earcuffs. One turned out too long, and climbed up the ear as well as down. I'd seen similar styles that went up the ear this way, and decided that in the end, I liked it. So I started experimenting. Each Vined Ear-Cuff is One of a Kind, as I can never reproduce the exact effect twice.

Golden Climber was one of my first experiments. I wasn't fond of the yellow colors at first, until my model picked it out of the others I was having her model for me. It looked a bit bland at first until she stepped into the sunlight, where it practically glowed. So, this experiment, intended for the "scrap" pile, turned into something I decided to offer for sale.

Vined Ear-Cuffs, like Earcuffs and Earwraps, require no piercings at all, though can be made to work with piercings - studs and dangles alike. They are worn the same way Earcuffs are worn.

This Vined Ear-Cuff is made with Silver-Plated wire. Though I cannot reproduce it exactly, I can make a similar design in Sterling Silver.

Vined Ear-Cuffs can be made in any color/color fade/color combination. If you are looking for one unique to you, just let me know what color(s) you'd like, and I'll design one just for you!

Golden Climber is $!8.00, and may be purchased here:
Vining Earcuff - Golden Climber