Pearl Vined Ear-Cuff - Right

Vined Ear-Cuffs were born, at least for me, when I was experimenting with wire loops and cris-crossing while making earcuffs. One turned out too long, and climbed up the ear as well as down. I'd seen similar styles that went up the ear this way, and decided that in the end, I liked it. So I started experimenting. Each Vined Ear-Cuff is One of a Kind, as I can never reproduce the exact effect twice.

The Pearl Series started when I decided there's no reason to leave brides out of the fun! This series of Earcuffs/Vined Ear-Cuffs is directed to brides wanting a break from the "norm", to do something different, while still keeping the white color present in their jewelry. Most of these can incorporate an optional dangle at the bottom. These can stand alone, or can be done in pairs, taking into consideration that every Vined Ear-Cuff is One of a Kind, unique to its own quirks. Vines for bridesmaids can also be made in corresponding color. If I don't have the color you're looking for, I can likely order it!

Vined Ear-Cuffs, like Earcuffs and Earwraps, require no piercings at all, though can be made to work with piercings - studs and dangles alike. They are worn the same way Earcuffs are worn.

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One-of-a-Kind Pearl Vining Earcuff - Right