Holidays - everyone celebrates at least a few a year, and there's no reason why you shouldn't have a few sparklies to show off during that time! This page offers some of what I can do for various holidays - though like all of my others, will grow as I make more things for various holidays.

Holidays I currently have jewelry or accessories for:
Valentine's Day
St. Patrick's Day
Generic Winter

  Heart Drop Charm Bracelet

This bracelet is one of two designs I came up with for Valentine's Day. This is a simple bracelet, using bicones in a charm style. The charms can actually be bicones (as shown) or other charms. The current charms I have may vary.

Because they are hand crafted, each one is slightly unique, but they measure in at ~7inches, with another inch or so to accomodate the dangle. These sizes can be adjusted, just ask!

These bracelets can be made in any color or color combination, other than the hearts, which are currently have limitations on colors. The colors I currently have may be found here. If I don't have the color you're looking for, I may be able to order just the right color for you. Just ask me what colors are available for me to order! Available in both Silver Plated and Sterling Silver.

I usually make these on request, since they are so widely customizable and come in virtually any color/color combination, and in both Sterling Silver and Silver Plated wire.

To request a bracelet, contact me and let me know what color(s) you want (if multiple colors, what design order), whether you want it in Silver Plated or Sterling Silver, and what shop to list it in for you.

Silver Plated - $35.00
Sterling Silver - $45.00

Currently, this bracelet is available on:
If the color you want isn't listed, when you purchase, just tell me what color you want!
See it in one shop and don't have an account there, but have an account in another shop? Just ask me to list it where your account is!