1. Some of these images are not up to my usual crystal clear standards (pun intended), but they are still a far cry better than the "old" images/image background. With time, ALL of these will be rephotographed and be up to my liking.
2. ALL of these images, however, are as true to color as I could get them on MY monitor - Please remember that not every computer monitor or phone is the same, and these are only as accurate as I could get them on my own equipment.

Image: Siam Image: Light Siam Image: Hyacinth
Siam Light Siam Hyacinth
Image: Sun Image: Sunflower Image: Light Topaz
Sun Sunflower Light Topaz
Image: Citrine Image: Jonquil Image: Lime
Citrine Jonquil Lime
Image: Olivine Image: Chrysolite Image: Fern Green
Olivine Chrysolite Fern Green
Image: Darkmoss Image: Indicolite Image: Capri Blue
Dark Moss Indicolite Capri Blue
Image: Dark Indigo Image: Purple Velvet Image: Tanzanite
Dark Indigo Purple Velvet Tanzanite
Image: Provance Lavender Image: Violet Image: Rose
Provance Lavender Violet Rose
Image: Padparadscha Image: Indian Red Image: Light Colorado Topaz
(Pink Sapphire)
Indian Red Light Colorado Topaz
Image: Smoked Topaz Image: Mocca Image: Jet Black
Smoked Topaz Mocca Jet Black
Image: Black Diamond Image: Fire Opal Image: Air Blue Opal
Black Diamond Fire Opal Air Blue Opal
Image: Violet Opal Image: Silver Shade Image: Image Soon
Violet Opal Silver Shade Coming Soon