Lately, I seem to be excelling in custom orders and special requests. Each and every one stretches my artistic ability and creativity, and I welcome them!

Custom and special orders can range from a different color on an item I already create, or it can be a request for something slightly different, or it can be for something wildly creative, something so unique that only one will ever exist!

The requests that carve new possibilities for me will be placed here, in place of honor for those who came up with them!

  World of Warcraft Custom Class/Spec Earrings
Requested by Zibbeter carolscrochet

Inspired by my listing for a custom World of Warcraft Pride Phone/Pull-tag, carolscrochet requested a pair of earrings instead!

This pair of earrings is made entirely with sterling silver, featuring the colors of a Blood Elf (Horde) Marksman Hunter.

Want a pair of your own? Just ask!

  Two-Piece Dragon Earring
Requested by Zibbeter Ziegice7

Taking a chance on me, Ziegice7 asked me if I would take up the challenge of creating an earring that would look like a dragon was coming through a 14 gauge cartilage piercing in the right ear, with the dragon's head at the earlobe, and the tail coming around the top of the shell of the ear.

Taking up the challenge, over the course of two months I came up with this design. Made entirely with sterling silver hand-tooled (no jig at all) wirework and a new size of crystal (3mm, instead of my usual 4mm or 6mm) bicones in Emerald, Siam and Clear, this eye-catching piece came to life.

This piece is a single-earring.

This earring is entirely one-of-a-kind and will not be recreated. Want something similar? Just ask!